Residential Interior Designer
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Claudio Fornaro is a all-in-one source that delivers logical solutions for all your design needs. He works closely with clients and oversees the entire project from beginning to end; providing referral to reputable contractors and working in coordination with third party service providers. He will coordinate the scheduling and meet with all contractors and installers for estimates and work review purposes.

Claudio Fornaro can help you economize by avoiding costly mistakes. If the sofa seems like a feat in itself, imagine the hundreds of details involved in designing or remodeling an entire home. With the guidance of a professional, you can eliminate errors, saving time and money by referring you to reliable contractors, and selecting products and materials that meet your budget and requirements. Claudio Fornaro’s natural eye, training and experience combine to give him an uncanny ability for envisioning a room before it is finished. Working with scale and color he’s is able to orchestrate what was once a cacophony into a symphony.